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мај 22 2023

Integrate your Copper CRM with Deskpro

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The Deskpro and Copper integration offers users a seamless connection between the two platforms, allowing Agents to access essential customer information from the Deskpro interface. The integration boasts several key features, including the ability to view important details about your customers from your Copper CRM, track associated opportunities, and access any relevant notes stored on their profiles.

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Your helpdesk Agents can quickly retrieve and review essential information such as contact details, past interactions, and purchase history. Streamlining access to your customer information enables agents to provide more personalized and efficient support, resulting in higher customer satisfaction rates and helping your sales teams get a holistic view of the customer's journey, including ongoing deals and potential revenue streams.

To enable the Copper CRM app on your helpdesk, go to Apps & Integrations > Apps. On the Available tab, select the Copper app. Then follow the Setup instructions to connect your Copper account to Deskpro.

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