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okt. 4 2022

We have reduced the size of the reply box default state

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We have reduced the initial default height of the email and note tabs of the reply box; so you have a clear view of the ticket and easily see messages in the ticket thread when you first open a ticket. The other reply box tabs will remain at the original reply box height, so if they are your default tab, you will not observe a minimized reply box.

Having a smaller default state for the reply box helps the interface feel less cluttered visually, so you can more quickly gain the context you need from the ticket. This new design also allows agents working on smaller screens to have less of their interface taken up by the reply box.

The reply box will expand when you start typing in the email or note tabs, or when you interact with the reply box in some way, e.g., by dragging an attachment into the box, clicking an icon in the toolbar, or selecting a different reply box tab.

Some things to note are that the reply box will still expand to a maximum height of 50% of the content panel when you’re writing responses. This UI change will also respect your permissions, such as being displayed at the original height if you have an alternative default tab or last used a channel that does not have a minimized state.

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