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Deskpro Horizon Release 2022.24.0 - News / Release Announcements - Deskpro Support

jun. 14 2022

Deskpro Horizon Release 2022.24.0

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We’re delighted to announce the latest release of Deskpro Horizon, version 2022.24.0. This release includes new features, general improvements, and bug fixes.

Two new features available with this release

💫 We have published our Shopify App, v1.0.7 (SC 74980).

💫 The Deskpro mobile app now supports QR code-based login. When logged into a web browser, agents can generate a login QR code in preferences and scan it to log in seamlessly. (SC 56583).

Some of the improvements we’ve made

💅 We’ve improved how the helpdesk detects links (URLs and email addresses) in ticket messages and notes. So when an email address is detected you can click on the address to create a new ticket addressed to that email (SC 55913).

💅 The Admin dashboard has been adjusted to display a quick overview of your helpdesk’s stats and give you a shortcut to the reports interface (SC 74778).

💅 Task reminders will now default to using the helpdesk’s timezone when sending agents notifications about a task that is due (SC 54989).

💅 In the Admin interface, you can sort tables on previously unsupported columns (SC 57167).

💅 We’ve added a login token query to the agent API (SC 73669).

💅 The security surrounding setting and resetting agent passwords has been improved; agents will no longer receive a new password in plain text they will be emailed a link to securely set or reset the password (SC 72823).

💅 The default lists will now be compatible with the simple query builder, so will populate the filter panel when selected (SC 73327).

💅 We’ve added the WhatsApp annotation features such as *Bold* and ~strikethrough~ so you can format your WhatsApp messages (SC 58111).

💅 Filter tickers by approvals with our new FQL term `ticket.approvals` (SC 52324).

💅 Using date shortcuts like "this week" or "next month" in the list builder or saved search will now yield results (SC 71843).

Bugs that have been fixed with this release

🐛 We’ve fixed the bug where when you clicked on a ticket attachment, sometimes it routed you to the Help Center to log in (SC 72314).

🐛 We have fixed the issue where agent notification subscriptions, when edited on the agent profile pages, weren’t saved correctly (SC 74584).

🐛 We’ve fixed the bug where if a user filled in pre-selected custom fields but did not submit the Help Center form, the fields would still be filled in when they followed a link to submit a new ticket (SC 56598).

🐛 The issue where sometimes the email and note editor would not clear its contents after being sent has been fixed (SC 74385).

🐛 Fixed the bug that was blocking an admin from changing their own password if there was a legacy password scheme (SC 74390).

🐛 An error message will now display when a sending issue occurs via various Channels (SC 61437).

🐛 We have resolved the issue where a message from a second SMS or WhatsApp number to a single ticket wasn’t displaying (SC 71740).

🐛 We’ve fixed the bug that was causing random logouts from the agent interface (SC 54071).

🐛 We have resolved the issue where if you merged a user profile from a new WhatsApp ticket, the ticket would stop displaying (SC 67998).

🐛 We have fixed the issue where raw HTML was displaying on the toggle field on the Help Center forms instead of a link (SC 70940).

🐛 The issue where a Twitter account would stop working if it were accidentally authorized twice has been resolved. Now we will maintain the existing Channel and filter the data to only update the latest values returned by the API that may have changed (SC 66346).

🐛 Fixed the agent login log, correct IP addresses are now displayed (SC 71541).

🐛 Fixed the issue with "Add Approval" actions not performed when ticket triggers ran (SC 74794).

On-Premise Controller Release 2.0.18

New features

💫 Added a master password as an alternative to PIN login. There is also now an option to generate a 20 character support one-time token to allow Deskpro Support access to your OPC installation. (SC 73582)

💫 Added status pages for each MySQL database host, Elasticsearch host and a status indicator for each container for a deskpro instance. (SC 72176)

💫 Added more information to the system diagnostic report and add the ability to generate and download from the webgui. (SC 75073)


💅 Made sure the instance App Secret is backed up in the metadata file when performing a backup so that it can be restored when importing an instance. (SC 74678)

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