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mar. 23 2017

DeskPRO Build #5.5.2 Released

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Release version #5.5.2

We are excited to release a new version of DeskPRO. This release was all about squashing a number of bugs to make things run smoother for you all.

Agent Interface

  • Locked tickets breaks reply box (WYSIWYG) editor when using mass actions
  • Ability to search tickets by phone number and address when using advanced search
  • Problem when trying to link tickets when not ticking 'Make the ticket a parent ticket'. Was causing issues with replying/adding notes
  • Ticket data is being cut off in long messages and the 'View Full Message' button was disappearing
  • Agents can now change the date on when a News post was created
  • Automatically set to publish dates for publish content was not working
  • Incorrect download statuses for draft downloads (were being shown as Published when they weren't)
  • Inability to view registered views for Downloads/Knowledgebase articles
  • Issue with date/time field not displaying the correct date selected

Live Chat

  • Issue with usergroup permissions for chat departments not showing the right number of connected agents to users based on which chat departments they had access to
  • Subject phrase in live chat was missing from translation

User Interface

  • Could not copy and paste images in the 'reply' boxes in the user portal
  • Inabilty to unvote feedback items if you have already voted for something
  • Ticket deflection was not working on IE11
  • Registered page views were not being logged correctly
  • If 'Can rate downloads' was off, users were still able to rate them
  • Arabic calendar widget for custom date field was not working
  • Issue with radio button selection remembering past selection when dependent on another field

On-Premise/ Errors

  • Allowed memory of 201326592 bytes exhausted: caused by and issue where a ticket that was a parent and sub-ticket at the same time
  • Exception: 301 MultiLanguage and missing lang code
  • Error: Uncaught PHP Exception NoPermission Exception
  • Error: Cannot user a scalar value as an array
  • Error: A non well formed numeric value encountered
  • Back-up was sometime failing during Verify: File read phase on Windows


If you are using DeskPRO Cloud, we will roll out this update to your helpdesk soon.

If you are using DeskPRO On-Premise, you can update your helpdesk to the latest version from your admin interface.

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