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avg. 23 2017

Deskpro 5.9.0, 5.9.1

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We’re delighted to announce the release of Deskpro 5.9.0.


Deskpro 5.9.0 includes the bug fixes and improvements listed below.





  • Pusher realtime notifications now display the correct information when tickets have been assigned to another agent

  • Deskpro now supports realtime notifications without using third party software like Pusher

  • Custom Organization fields are now compatible with reporting features

  • User and Organization fields are now customisable using a “click to edit” feature

  • Now possible to select “Agent Team” as a display option in the ticket view

    • Trello app incorrectly showing a number after cards have been removed is now fixed

    • Clicking on a trello card created through the app would lead to a blank page, this now leads to the card


Bug Fixes


  • Display is now more responsive and dynamic when editing tickets from the User Portal

  • Outlook recall messages no longer spam the helpdesk with notifications

  • Reports on Snippet usage by agent are now fully populated

  • HTTP caches from previous Deskpro builds are automatically cleared after performing an update

  • The trigger action "Ticket Log" now usable

  • Option to merge now available when trying to modify agents, and all user ticket history is retained when permissions are escalated to another agent

  • Timestamps on ticket responses now display hover-over information regardless of whether they’re set to relative or absolute

  • All ticket labels are retained when adding criteria in Triggers and Escalations

  • Polish language characters no longer open pop-up windows when typed

  • Pusher events larger than 10KB now appear in realtime

  • Multi-selecting custom fields behaviour improved

  • Ticket URLs in email notifications now linking properly

  • ‘@’ symbol now recognised as a special character in password requirements

  • Grouped tickets over 6 months old now displayed accurately

  • Deleting a draft article no longer removes the Knowledge Base category it was assigned to

  • Pop-up windows now more dynamic and responsive when multiple emails are input

  • “Publish” icon no longer unresponsive if clicked when publishing is disabled

  • Tickets now ordered properly in the “All Tickets” view

  • Magneto and Joomla links working correctly when in “Install Widget in CMS” view

  • Copy and paste functions now working correctly in ticket reply boxes

  • Emojis in agent replies are now displayed correctly

  • Saving general helpdesk settings no longer overrides multi-brand settings

  • Agent Activity Report now displays information accurately in Chrome/Windows 10 and Safari/Mac 10.11

  • Issues with incorrectly rendering certain custom fields have been resolved

  • "Set Ticket User" in ticket triggers now working correctly

  • Email validation loop eliminated

  • Mass actions now performable when selecting multiple Snippets

  • Tickets are no longer incorrectly merged as duplicates

  • Chat sessions with banned users now display a “User is blocked” message

  • Kayako import function now improved to display correct message dates

  • Problem while enabling Beta V2 IM bug resolved

  • Improvements and fixes to porting of V1 snippets into the V2 interface


V2 Snippets Improvements & Bug Fixes


  • It’s now possible to browse Snippets in any supported language, regardless of the language associated with the open ticket

  • The Snippets pop-up window has been improved so creating, editing and attaching files to Snippets is easier

  • It’s now possible to customise individual Snippets so they automatically change text content based on channel

  • Snippets shortcode now modifiable without refreshing

  • The snippets window no longer ‘snaps’ to the top when you clicked out of it

  • When applying a snippet while creating a ticket, the new snippet no longer prevents sending the ticket out, and the “Send Reply” button is now fully responsive


Bug Fixes 5.9.1

  • Fix possible PHP notice in ticket list when user waiting time is zero
  • Fix admin notification settings where you could not go back to polling after enabling pusher
  • Fix bad results being returned from ElasticSearch when using Tikka and there are large attachments
  • Updated languages
  • Fixes to Trello app


If you are using Deskpro Cloud, we will roll out this update to your Helpdesk soon

If you are using Deskpro On-Premise, you can update your Helpdesk to the latest version from your Admin Interface


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