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Elasticsearch configuration page not loading in admin

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When I go to the Elasticsearch settings in the admin interface, the page doesn't load. Other sections of the admin interface are working fine. What's going on?




This happens because you don't have the PHP curl extension installed on your server.

Install the extension to fix the problem.


On Linux (Ubuntu/Debian) use:

apt-get install -y php5-curl

or on Red Hat/CentOS:

yum install php-curl

or use the equivalent command for your distro. You should then restart the webserver.

If this doesn't work, you should make sure that this line is present and uncommented in your php.ini file:



On Windows/IIS, you can install curl using PHP Manager (if you're using it) or manually as follows:

1. Edit php.ini to uncomment or add:


2. Add your PHP install folder to the Windows PATH variable.

3. Restart IIS (if restarting IIS doesn't work, you should try restarting Windows).



If you are using WAMPServer, you can enable curl using the wampmanager web interface:

PHP > Extensions > php_curl

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