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Database errors during installation

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The installation wizard may warn you of several database-related erorrs. You will need to resolve these errors before you can continue with the installation.


A database connection could not be established

This error means that the database details you have entered into config.php are invalid. It may be any of the connection parameters you have specified: user, password, host or database name. Refer to the error message for a hint about what specifically is invalid.


Existing tables were detected in your database

New Deskpro installations must be made to a completely empty database. Create a new empty database and edit your config.php file to include the new database name, and then try again.


You are connecting to the database through localhost

On some Windows servers, connecting to MySQL through the 'localhost' hostname causes severe performance penalties due to changes in recent network resolution changes in the operating system. To avoid these penalties, simply use the loopback IP address instead.


Deskpro requires MySQL v5.0

Deskpro v4 requires MySQL v5.0 or newer. If you are using an older version of MySQL, you will need to upgrade before continuing. You can download newer versions of MySQL from


Your MySQL server does not support the InnoDB engine

This error indicates that your MySQL server does not support the required InnoDB engine. InnoDB is the default engine in newer versions of MySQL. If it is disabled, it usually means you have manually disabled it in the MySQL configuration file (my.cnf). Edit the my.cnf file in a text-editor and delete the line skip-innodb.



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