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Agent Interface Counts for tickets and tasks - Community / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Agent Interface Counts for tickets and tasks Collecting Feedback

Some agents may like to see, as it presented, the number of ticket and issue present on the system (manager, etc). However agent work may care more about the number they have assigned to themselves (specifically for tasks). Currently an agent may think he has a task on a ticket he owns or follow when it is not the case. Having the option to decide what the counter shows ( mine, followed, team, unassigned, all) would improve the interface usability.

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Shelley Stoner
Customer of EXA Networks Would it be possible for you to show in the field below only the open tickets – eg – Tickets 10 (this is the total number of my tickets but I only have 3 open, the other 7 are resolved. It would be helpful for this to show only the number of open / pending tickets. We can still view completed tickets so don’t need to know how many tickets we have raised. We are only looking at number of tickets open???
Shelley Stoner
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Marcel Menten
I do not see a reason for the customer to see the number of all ever written tickets. This is in fact more like a bug. This should be implemented.

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