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Ability to customize satisfaction survey questions - Community / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Ability to customize satisfaction survey questions Collecting Feedback

In email footers, the satisfaction tool from Deskpro asks a simple question to users. Once users click on one of the answers, they land on a page from the Deskpro portal where they can provide an open comment to detail their answer. It would be great if that form could be expanded to several multiple choice questions?

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On this topic, our end users and marketing team dont really find the smiley face, unhappy face that 'corporate'. We have changed our (that the customer sees) to star ratings. 5 star excellent, 3 star ok, 1 start not good. It would be nice if it could be a scale of 1-5 like most other star rating systems.
Adam Smeets
While the basic feedback survey (one question) is helpful for one-off requests, providing a survey capability as part of every Nth ticket or every request with customizable questions would be a great addition to the suite for feedback more in line with ITIL.

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