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mar 12 2019

Pending Status

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We have now removed the ‘On Hold’ state for a ticket and replaced this option with a new ‘Pending’ status which will keep the same useful behaviour of a ticket that has been put on hold, but this is no longer a sub-status of the Awaiting Agent status.

Pending will also have replaced On Hold in all Actions or Criteria in any Triggers, Filters etc, as this change allows the Pending ticket to behave the same as 'On Hold' tickets, with the added bonus that all actions that can be performed on a status, can now use Pending e.g. criteria in SLAs, giving you much more control over your tickets when automating them.

Selecting the Pending Status will be a lot more intuitive for you agents as well. Previously with 'On Hold' a ticket would need to be set as Awaiting Agent and then require an Action to be put on hold. 

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Comments (2)

Steve, Lam Hang
Will the time limits be available like they were with the on hold? We have many tickets that we put on hold so I am concerned on what will happen to those tickets. Will this react like a snooze as I have previously suggested or this is not the intent?
Chris Padfield
Hi Steve, yes time limits (escalations) will work exactly the same and existing tickets On-Hold will now be Pending in the same way. This is not yet Snooze, but this change to make Pending a full status (and have sub-status) enables future features like Snooze where we can have a sub-status of Pending to manage those tickets. Right now, the best way to do Snooze is use a follow up to set the ticket back to Awaiting Agent after a certain amount of time.

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