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How can I make knowledgebase articles visible to specific users only? - Knowledgebase / Deskpro Legacy - Deskpro Support

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How can I make knowledgebase articles visible to specific users only?

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Can I have articles that are restricted so that only certain users can see them?


Yes, this is easy to achieve with usergroups and Knowledgebase categories. You can set a category so that it's visible only to particular usergroups.

In the agent interface, go to Publish and click on a KB category.

Click on its name in the list pane to edit the category settings. You can select which usergroups can see this category in the Permissions section. 

Note that you can have a category that's visible to everyone which contains a restricted subcategory.

To change the usergroups in your helpdesk, go to Admin > CRM > Usergroups. To add users to usergroups, use the CRM section of the agent interface.

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Jason Voice
Are you planning to do the same with Agents? I have over 80 agents in my system and I have a category of unpublished FAQ's for a particular team (as I don't want any chance of them going on-line), but I want to restrict those FAQ's to only be seen by that team and no other agents. Is this possible?
Ben Henley
Jason, currently there isn't any way to limit article access to a particular team of agents. You can have articles that are only visible to agents, as opposed to users - - but not visible only to a certain team. You could submit that as a Feedback suggestion and we will take it into account for future development.

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