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fev. 14 2018

Deskpro 5.15.0 Release

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We’re delighted to announce the release of Deskpro 5.15.0


Deskpro 5.15.0 includes the feature updates, improvements, and bug fixes listed below:


New Features:


  • Automated Zendesk and Kayako importer in product
  • New admin webhooks


Bug fixes and general improvements:



  • DP-1034 Deskpro notification service duplicates messages
  • DP-1033 Chat modal does not close first, messages from end user appear duplicated
  • DP-988 Cancel editing custom fields errors
  • DP-966 Onboarding tooltips dont work in safari
  • DP-944 New chat modal does not close after accepting chat
  • DP-936 CustomDefPerson error causing problem when exporting reports
  • DP-934 DP notification service was not working with SSL
  • DP-933 Improved performance and error handling when rendering multi select fields
  • DP-926 Custom fields: rename custom fields used by apps when app is deleted
  • DP-919 Hide database password in server logs
  • DP-917 Default email ports aren't set
  • DP-915 Allow to personalise login dropdown
  • DP-911 LDAP synchronisation issue
  • DP-909 Add settings to control hotlinked images
  • DP-905 Change api docs request body format to 'form-data' to update custom fields through V2 API
  • DP-899 Prevent emogrifier errors from blocking outgoing emails
  • DP-891 Enable beta features by default
  • DP-886 Exchage Fetcher -- find file size before downlaod
  • DP-864 Can't change Actions during Trigger update
  • DP-860 Problem installing trello app installing
  • DP-826 Reply sometimes does not send when applying snippet and resolving ticket in one action
  • DP-815 Using API to create ticket as user should change to user context
  • DP-801 Add ability to remove profile picture
  • DP-797 Parse image in incoming emails
  • DP-794 Update emogrifier
  • DP-788 Fix portal search on resolved tickets
  • DP-785 Modifying department permissions on macro breaks macro
  • DP-776 Apply user notification timeout setting for IM chat Browser Notification
  • DP-775 Fix errors because of missing language group
  • DP-774 In new tickets clicking on message moves text to note
  • DP-773 Additional warning when uninstalling a language
  • DP-770 POP3 looping message if message is not deleted properly after log out
  • DP-769 Create error.log file during error reporting if doesn't exist
  • DP-768 Exporting posts to PDF doesn't retain bold text styling
  • DP-765 Calculations of total integers in DPQL reports incorrect ignoring decimals
  • DP-745 Blank page on report export
  • DP-741 Improve compatibility with outgoing email servers (e.g. Exchange) with UTF8 emails
  • DP-740 API V2: Prop for ticket charges added
  • DP-739 Fix Snippets variable menu
  • DP-737 Agent snippets are missing
  • DP-736 Increase max CC limit on incoming emails
  • DP-734 Create task macro errors
  • DP-733 Enable beta features for new installs
  • DP-729 JSON parse error during browser notification
  • DP-728 Pusher -- user typing preview sending to all agents, should send to only participating chat agents.
  • DP-725 Date picker issue in Follow Ups
  • DP-723 Reset password email missing any explanation text
  • DP-722 Fix deleting custom reports
  • DP-720 Fail over on regular search if no result by the email
  • DP-718 SLA counters show faded sometimes
  • DP-715 Exporting reports to CSV or PDF issues
  • DP-714 Further Zapier Zaps improvement
  • DP-711 Redirects when using voting options disabled for robots/crawlers
  • DP-709 Creating filters/macros with labels including upper case characters appears blank
  • DP-705 Unable to set any "Ticket Created Date" apart from today
  • DP-704 File extension being changed / truncated
  • DP-703 Add ability to reference ticket by ID as well as by ref
  • DP-699 Chat transcript is sent from primary brand email address
  • DP-692 Add "emails" filter to GET /api/v2/people
  • DP-688 After logging in, all agents appear to be online for chat
  • DP-686 Improve calendar logic in followups
  • DP-674 Custom apps -- add option to define title
  • DP-673 Clean up of apps header text alignment
  • DP-672 Expand app if you click on icon in header
  • DP-671 Apps -- clicking gear while already in gear mode causes JS error
  • DP-670 Custom apps -- clicking help clears input
  • DP-622 Hide feedback and publish tab in agent interface if disabled
  • DP-619 Removed additional linebreaks in ticket email responses
  • DP-617 Chat widget translation phrases updated
  • DP-615 @mentions do not pull image from gravatar
  • DP-614 Unable to compare guide revisions
  • DP-607 Setting macro for pre-defined choice blank
  • DP-604 ticket_object_use_logs not populated in reports
  • DP-603 Include Problems table into DPQL
  • DP-602 Right click drop down menu to close tabs stuck
  • DP-601 Brand URL validation fails if primary domain contains the new domain as a substring
  • DP-600 Applying signatures from admin side strips styling
  • DP-598 Show notice to agents about browser notifications not working on non-https
  • DP-597 User chat sending attachments twice
  • DP-575 User portal ticket list dates in US format
  • DP-509 Plaintext option for ticket notification formatting
  • DP-200 Database file size verify failing on larger files
  • DP-195 V2 Agent IM group chats to departments
  • DP-194 Updated translation phrases throughout helpdesk
  • DP-192 Wrong message when deleting whole user/tickets
  • DP-176 Intermittent issue with outgoing email processing
  • DP-175 Improve Brand and Department default selected state on agent new ticket form
  • DP-174 Can't view files from zip file when it's bottom message
  • DP-169 Error with japanese chars in PDF
  • DP-152 Fix double encoding of utf8 characters in email subject
  • DP-128 CHAT: Closing the chat from the list doesn't pop the confirm message
  • DP-113 Serve text blobs with gzip

This update is available to on-premise customers straight away. The cloud platform will be updated at a later date. Contact support for more information.

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