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jul. 30 2018

Deskpro 2018.2.1 Release

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We’re delighted to announce the release of Deskpro 2018.2.1

Deskpro 2018.2.1 is a minor update including a handful of useful patches to fix up some final issues noticed after the last release earlier in the week. We recommend patching up your helpdesk to take advantage of these fixes as soon as you can.

  • DP-1274 — Thursday renders as "Thur" when abbreviated, rather than "Thu"
  • DP-1913 — Cannot switch it DPQL builder when using extended query syntax
  • DP-2015 — No result displayed if 'Agent' try to filter 'Stat' by custom label created with special characters for new Report
  • DP-2044 — Resetting agent password when automatic JWT is enabled for the CRM
  • DP-2065 — Issue with SSO not taking you to last page you were on
  • DP-2104 — Can't copy ticket ID anymore
  • DP-2106 — Escalations are running when ANY of the criteria is matched in the 'IF the following conditions are met' criteria selection rather than when ALL criteria is matched
  • DP-2109 — Display the relevant 'AND' / 'OR' operators when configuring Escalation or SLA criteria
  • DP-2111 — The 'Online Agents' counter that displays in the built-in 'Ticket Insights' dashboard shows as 0 even when agents are online
  • DP-2114 — Multibrand active directory not automatically setting brand in user CRM
  • DP-2115 — Agent' have to refresh screen in order to use new created 'Snippet'
  • DP-2116 — Unable to apply new created 'Snippet' only for 'Chats', selecting snippets from auto suggestion does nothing
  • DP-2130 — [FK FIX] An exception occurred while executing 'CREATE UNIQUE INDEX....
  • DP-2131 — [FK FIX] SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found:
  • DP-2133 — The Copy Ticket ID icon sometimes disappears when you move your mouse to hover over it
  • DP-2134 — Change the tooltip for the copy permalink function to 'Copy Permalink URL'
  • DP-2138 — Restyled DB schema warning in admin
  • DP-1409 — DPQL (legacy) cannot query custom_data prop properly in chat_conversations
  • DP-1755 — No 'Calender widget' appears if user click on 'Date' field of 'Showing Agent Hours' to filter
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