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jun. 14 2018

Deskpro 2018.1.3 Release

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We’re delighted to announce the release of Deskpro 2018.1.3

Deskpro 2018.1.3 includes the updates, improvements, and bug fixes listed below:

General fixes and improvements:

  • DP-1862    Fix default values for custom fields in new ticket form if invalid data provided
  • DP-1845    Zendesk importer app stuck with error “missing parameters: ‘start time’”
  • DP-1840    Improvements and fixes to a legacy feature of embedding the entire helpdesk in a frame
  • DP-1823    Improvements to agent interface loading performance by improving snippets loading
  • DP-1820    Single department hides field on new ticket agent, but causes validation error asking to select department
  • DP-1809     cURL error 60: SSL certificate error causing issues when attempting updates and other commands
  • DP-1804    Error when setting Default email account under Admin > Setup > Settings
  • DP-1790    Trailing slashes in URLs suddenly have become sensitive and cause issues loading pages
  • DP-1788    Order by “date of last reply” label missing in drop down menu
  • DP-1785    <pre> HTML tag in ticket responses (usually used for code blocks) not rendering properly in emails
  • DP-1600    API v2: Remove any hard coded API result limitations when exporting a dataset sorted by ID, to allow for easier ticket exports/crm.
  • DP-1551    Widget override code improved to fix a bug with pre-setting the department ID
  • DP-1498    @mentions dropdown not functioning directly after following an /agent/go link
  • DP-1462    Snippets V2: Mass actions to change snippet properties function not responding fully
  • DP-1424    Adding attachments through to a ticket when submitting through the chat widget causes a glitch
  • DP-1397    Further improvements and expansion to pre-upgrade system checks of database integrity (Foreign Keys)
  • DP-1362    Standard routine maintenance to update the php framework/libraries
  • DP-1354    Agent permissions when “Can use Public” now limit agents to read-only permissions unless further edit permissions are added
  • DP-1342    Improvements to the daily cleanups to include checks of database integrity (foreign keys)
  • DP-1114    Active Directory and LDAP app now syncrhonizes over profile pictures
  • DP-859    Emojis in a trigger action text editor would corrupt the overall trigger, text would appear blank
  • DP-730    Improvements when importing emails with different types of formatting
  • DP-185    If all chat departments were removed, this would cause certain glitches throughout the admin interface. Checks in place to prevent this.
  • DP-179    Fix to IP whitelisting email behaviour to prevent accidental flooding of validation email
  • DP-170    Improvements to text editor within a ticket to better handle pasting in code block styled text
  • DP-147    Option added to LDAP/AD SSO app to disable certificate validation, so internal or self signed certificates can be used.

Fixes and improvements to V2 Reports:

  • DP-1859    Reports v2: Some reports in the Stat builder are not able to load and show a blue loading circle. 
  • DP-1857    Reports v2: Overly large spacing between the different styles of output in a report compressed.
  • DP-1856    Reports v2: GUI improvement to the CSV export icon, this has been made more prominent
  • DP-1855    Reports v2: Remove default “support” label selection when adding widget, and display all widgets
  • DP-1854    Reports v2: Improvent/Feature: Add dashboard auto-refresh feature
  • DP-1853    Reports v2: Billing statistics and insights now included
  • DP-1852    Reports v2: You now have the option to delete custom stats
  • DP-1851    Reports v2: New icon to directly export stat results
  • DP-1842    Reports v2: Reports using "value from report" are broken
  • DP-1821    Reports v2: Sporadically a widgets on default dashboards do not complete loading
  • DP-1813    Reports v2: Further improvements to admin control over agent edit/view permissions to a dashboard
  • DP-1733    Reports v2: Improvements to scheduled reports not working, and GUI issues of configs not saving
  • DP-1717    Reports v2: By default stats will output 50 results now
  • DP-1651    Reports v2: Lines in the DPQL builder would not wrap, and previously ran off the side of the page

Thanks for reading

If you are using Deskpro Cloud, we will be releasing this update shortly to you.

If you are using Deskpro On-Premise, you can update your helpdesk to the latest version from your Admin Interface.

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