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jun. 1 2018

Deskpro 2018.1.2 Release

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We’re delighted to announce the release of Deskpro 2018.1.2

Deskpro 2018.1.2 includes the updates, improvements, and bug fixes listed below:

General fixes and improvements:

  • DP-1750 Issue modifying and creating new email accounts on the cloud
  • DP-1779 Recent activity stream at the top of agent taskbar not loading
  • DP-1771 API V2: PUT not a permitted header in calls to custom chat fields
  • DP-1769 API V2: GET /tickets hanging
  • DP-1762 TicketAttachment#message' error message for incoming email containing certain hotlinked image content
  • DP-1761 Agent interface intermittently hanging upon initial loading
  • DP-1760 Cannot clear error log from within UI, returns permissions error
  • DP-1701 Snippets add extra line break when being inserted
  • DP-1642 Multiple improvements to the initial agent and admin interface loading times
  • DP-1601 New control over maximum CC’s per ticket now set in Admin > Tickets > Settings
  • DP-1212 Additional and unwanted line breaks in ticket emails addressed
  • DP-1191 "Find another agent now" button does not work for end users in widget after an ended chat

Fixes and improvements to V2 Reports:

  • DP-1773 Intermittent errors in browser, cannot create dashboards
  • DP-1759 Spelling mistake in the error message given when trying to save an invalid query in stat builder
  • DP-1754 Give administrators full access to override all view/edit permissions on all stats/reports
  • DP-1722 GUI - Reset order and current page text info in table based stats overlap
  • DP-1179 Update dashboard in real time when permissions are changed

Thanks for reading

If you are using Deskpro Cloud, this we will be releasing this update shortly to you.

If you are using Deskpro On-Premise, you can update your helpdesk to the latest version from your Admin Interface.

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