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abr. 19 2018

A Guide to Multi Brand Help Desk Software

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The multi brand help desk is an invaluable customer support tool for organizations of all sizes. So, what's the most affordable way to get access to multi brand functionality?

For so many of today's organizations, the multi brand help desk is nothing short of an absolute lifesaver. Looking after a number of different brands, products or audiences using the same help desk and staff, massively consolidates otherwise costly overheads.

Regardless of how many differentiated help desks one organization might need to manage, they usually all share one vital requirement: great customer service. To achieve this at cost, a multi brand help desk is a must. Without it, you'd end up paying for (and managing) multiple instances of a single help desk.

What is a multi brand help desk?

Essentially, multi brand functionality allows you to operate more than one support portal in a single help desk deployment. This means you can also offer unique content and unique branding for each support portal.

Being able to use the same support software and staff whilst retaining control over workflows, branding and content across multiple portals is a big plus for many organizations who need a help desk  that scales.

Who needs a multi brand help desk?

There are many circumstances and use cases in which a multi brand help desk could offer a tremendous amount of value:

Internal Support
Provide support to your customers as well as internal staff.

Multiple Audiences
Give VIP customers a support experience that differs from the usual.

Multiple Products
Offer differentiated support for the range of products you provide.

Multiple Brands
Create portals to reflect the different brands in your organization.

Offer unique multilingual portals aligned to the particular region customers are visiting from.

A/B Testing
Run experiments to discover which support portal processes, content and layouts get the best engagement from customers.

Why is multi brand usually such an expensive feature?

The first and most obvious use case when it comes to the need for a multi brand help desk is always enterprise-level organizations. Global companies of a certain size often have a huge appetite for the capability to provide sophisticated, localized and customized support to different customer segments.

Whilst it might seem apparent that most multi brand use cases are associated with enterprise-level organizations, there are no shortage of startups, solo entrepreneurs and SMBs who could benefit from this functionality. You might be reading this article because you're one of them.

It's true that most companies start off with quite simple needs when it comes to customer support - a couple of agents, a single support portal, and a modest amount of largely undifferentiated customer support requests. As these companies grow, or when their circumstances change, some might find it hard to scale their support operation with multi brand without breaking the bank.

To get access to multi brand functionality with some leading helpdesk providers, it can cost you an amount that might seem expensive even to bigger corporate or government organizations. For instance, your entire support team might only answer relatively few tickets across multiple portals whilst not even needing or using the multitude of other enterprise features that comes with the price tag.

How can I find an affordable multi brand helpdesk?

High prices for access to widely-coveted features can sometimes leave a bitter taste in the mouth of those who want multi brand capability - but don't want to fork out for an enterprise plan.

That's why we offer our customers unlimited multi brand capability with all the frills of Deskpro for just $30 per agent per month.

Part of the value any organization delivers to customers is the ability to innovate and remain responsive. Many companies of all sizes take great measures over long periods of time to do so, and therefore often need to centre their support operation around providing services under different brands for various market segments.

Check out our multi brand features, or our super-simple pricing plan to discover more.

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