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How do I manually run the email processing command? - Base de Conhecimento / Using Deskpro - Deskpro Support

How do I manually run the email processing command?

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Sometimes you may want to manually run incoming email processing: for example, to debug connection problems.

Email processing is done from the command line. Just switch to the Deskpro directory and run the special bin/cron command.



cd /path/to/deskpro
/usr/bin/php bin/cron --verbose -f --job=process_email_gateways


The command is similar on Windows:

cd C:\Inetpub\www\deskpro
C:\Program Files\PHP\PHP7.0\php.exe bin\cron --verbose -f --job=process_email_gateways


The --verbose flag tells Deskpro to output lots of debug output. For example:


 (Time to enter execute: 1.7861)
 Submitting cli-phperr.log log
 Job process_email_gateways start
 Time limit: 180
 Start processing Gateay 2 tickets:gmail
 0 inserted messages being processed first
 Connecting with user to
 SSL Enabled
 [Request] USER
 [Request] PASS xxxxxx
 [Request] LIST
 [Response] +OK
 Message list contains 0 messages
 Trying to read next (1 call)
 [Request] QUIT
 Finished processing gateway. Took 1.42 seconds. Peak memory 62.77 MB (current 62.59 MB).
 Time taken so far: 2
 Job process_email_gateways done in 1.46035s
 (Time until execute end: 1.5416)

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