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User sort options should have desc and asc options - Comentário / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


User sort options should have desc and asc options Finished

The Tickets 'ordered by' dropdown list allows you to sort by either asc or desc. I would like the same for the people sort. Generally, when I am going to the people list, I need to work with the most recently added. So being able to sort by in descending date-created order would be very usefule

Official response

Lara Proud

Hi Jason, this suggestion has been implemented. When you're looking at a list of users in the CRM, you can use the Sort and View tools in the top right-hand corner to control what you're seeing. You can read about this in the Browsing CRM Records section of the Agent Guide: For the view you are interested in it would be best to sort the list by Created which will help you to find the most recently created users in your helpdesk easily. If you click on view, you can add 'Created' as a column in the table to see when each user was created.