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Round Robin Permissions - Comentário / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


It would be helpful to allow agents permissions to the round robin admin area without giving them full admin permissions.

This would allow them to amend their schedules without giving them complete system access.

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Steve, Lam Hang
I agree with this and have been waiting for a solution especially when my agents are on vacation. There should be a mode for the at least the agents to set an OOO status for a period of time so that the RR skips them. Another suggestion is to give the RR management to other team managers. This cannot only be managed by the DeskPro admin especially when we don't want them to have access to all admin functions. The problem is that when a non DeskPro admin has to manage their teams tickets and a member is on vacation, while the RR is on, the manager has to manually move tickets from that agent on vacation to another agent that is working. This is too much of a manual task for the manager.
Steve, Lam Hang
I've been asking for this for a while. I cannot be doing these changes all the time for the department managers. It's something so simple to do and wondering why we cannot offer this to the managers. People are sick people take care days. People go on vacation. If the agent can set an OOO status, it could temporarily remove them from the round robin. There's so many ideas around this.
Toda Tomoyuki
In order to view how Round-Robins have been set up, you have to grant an agent Administrator privileges. It would be helpful if you could display the Round-Robin information through the reporting feature hence giving visibility without having to give agents extended privileges.   

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