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Knowledge Base Article Approval Process - Comentário / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Knowledge Base Article Approval Process Finished

We would like to have the ability for Knowledge Base articles to be publish via approval process. Essentially you have a writer that creates the article and an Editor that reviews and publishes the article. Right now that only way this can be done is to have the write mark the article as a draft or unpublished, then the Editor has to review and publish. We don't want the writers to have the ability to publish.

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Earle Steel
Hi Mike, Thank you for your submission. You are able to set various levels of access that your agents have to publish content. This can be done in the Admin profile, select Agents > Agents > Permissions > Publish and then set the parameters that you would like to. I hope that this is helpful. Please contact our Support Team if you have any further queries.