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Improve colors options for stacked bar graphs - Comentário / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Improve colors options for stacked bar graphs Collecting Feedback

Currently you can assign colors to stacked bar graphs but you can’t define a value as a colour.

eg if your three values are SLA values of passing, warning and fail you could set the graph as:

Color 1 = Red

Color 2 = Green

Color 3 = Orange

And on your graph the values that correspond might be

Fail = color 1

Passing = color 2

Warning = color 3

This works fine if there is a value for each SLA state.

However if there were no failed tickets for example the color numbers would change as passing would be promoted to color 1.

Passing = color 1

Warning = color 2

This means bar graphs can be inconsistent and confusing.

With the pie charts you can actually fix the color to the value.


Fail = Red

Passing = Green

Warning = Orange

It would be helpful if this functonality was applicable to bar graphs as well

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