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Forcefully expose ticket reference to agents - Comentário / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Forcefully expose ticket reference to agents Collecting Feedback

Currently, in the ticket view on the agent side, agents are able to toggle between the ticket ID and the ticket reference. In certain cases, to improve consistency in outbound communications,  it would make sense to have an admin option to force viewing only the ticket reference, or the ticket ID by default.

This could be a simple tickbox in the admin ticket settings to disable the agents ability to toggle between the two views.

Comments (2)

Earene Lee
On top of this, the search should also default to show the ticket reference vs the internal DeskPro Ticket ID.
Simon Garczynski
It would be nice if this "FEATURE REQUEST" can still be made. It seems logical to me if this is forced, it also becomes visible everywhere instead of the ticket ID. This makes it easier to see if the ticket is already with the employee.

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