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Force ticket matching on ref. code in subject Collecting Feedback

We often get emails outside of the servicedesk from various stakeholders, that relates to tickets in the servicedesk. Forwarding the mails creates a new ticket, if the subject does not exactly match the ticket (and the match all emails options is not turned on). This can be a problem if there are several tickets with the same subject (fx. "Print"). In other helpdesks, we have seen the functionality where, if you include the ref. code in brackets in the subject, ie. [GDOS-1523- OTSJ], then the email will be forced in to the matching ticket, no matter what. A functionality like this (perhaps with the ability to toggle on and off in the settings), would help us tremendously in our daily work.

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Zsolt Kiss
Good idea, same here
Steve, Lam Hang
I agree with this. I include the ticket number in all my email communications by default so that the ticket number is always present. I like the idea of the reference number as well but I find it long when the user has to repeat it over the phone. Alternatively you can embed the ref code in the body of the email and look for it when a user forwards an email with that code. I would like to see improvement on this as well

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