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Streamline workflows with an improved Ticket Actions menu - Aktualności / Product / Product (Agent) - Deskpro Support

maj 23 2023

Streamline workflows with an improved Ticket Actions menu

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In our latest update, we have enhanced the Ticket Actions menu to improve your ticket handling experience. The menu now aligns with our overall design, creating a cohesive and customizable user interface.

We have re-positioned the Ticket Actions to the Ticket Header Bar, making them easily accessible. Navigating and finding specific actions is now simpler with the redesigned layout, resulting in a user-friendly experience and saving you time. Furthermore, we have added search functionality and action descriptions, allowing you to locate actions effortlessly and understand their purpose.

Ticket Actions Menu Change.png

By default, the Header Bar will display the Delete, Lock, Macro, and Follow up actions. However, we recognize that different organizations have unique needs and workflows. Hence, we have given you the flexibility to configure the actions that appear in the header, allowing for a customized and personalized experience.

Customizing your Header Bar is simple. Just click on the eye icon within the menu to modify the options. If an action is currently visible in the header, click the eye icon to remove it. Conversely, if an action is not visible, click the eye icon to add it to the header, positioning it to the right of any existing actions.

Show or Hide Actions.png

By locking the actions you use most frequently to your Header Bar, you can save yourself the time and the hassle of navigating through the menu - everything you need is just a click away.

In context.png

This improved layout empowers you with more intuitive ticket action capabilities, allowing you to manage and resolve tickets within your helpdesk efficiently. Experience a more streamlined workflow and take control of your ticket handling process like never before.

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