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Introducing our new Azure DevOps app! - Aktualności / Product / Product (Admin) - Deskpro Support

lis 28 2022

Introducing our new Azure DevOps app!

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Our new Azure DevOps integration is now available to install to allow your team to view information from your DevOps work items within your Deskpro tickets.

DevOps App Add Item.png

Setting up the app will allow you to view your existing work items and link them to relevant Deskpro tickets. When you have multiple work items connected to a single ticket, it is easy to view information on all of them and open them in DevOps in a new tab at the press of a button.

DevOps Home Screen.png

Having this information from your DevOps projects available while you are working on Deskpro tickets saves you the effort of switching between products and gives you the context you need when interacting with Users, making your team as efficient and effective as possible.

Future updates will soon bring added functionality, including:

  • Viewing all details for work items

  • Creating new work items and linking them to tickets

  • Adding comments to work items

  • Editing work items

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