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maj 15 2023

Get even better visibility on tickets

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It’s now easier than ever to control visibility in the helpdesk, with just one click, you can easily manage your view of tickets by hiding the Ticket Properties and CRM profile panels.

To hide either panel, simply hover over the dividing line and click the blue button. We developed this feature based on valuable feedback from Deskpro users who wanted more control over the interface, ensuring optimal visibility regardless of screen size.

When the panels are hidden, you'll notice icons representing each panel: an Information icon for Ticket Properties and a User icon for the CRM Profile. Clicking these icons will reopen the respective panels:

Icons Opening Panels.png
With the ability to collapse the Ticket Properties Panel, you gain improved visibility of the ticket thread. This is especially helpful for agents working on smaller screens or those who prefer a streamlined view while handling tickets. And your chosen panel state will be saved in your preferences, whether you prefer one panel hidden, both, or all open. So, when you open another ticket, the panels will reflect your last applied view.

Hide Panels All.png
While we have made these changes, we’ve retained the original functionality where you could hide or open the CRM profile by clicking on a User's name in the Ticket Properties Panel. However, we've added this alternative way to collapse the CRM profile, ensuring it's always collapsible, even when the Ticket Properties Panel is out of view.

In addition, we've made it easier to navigate between User and Organization Profiles. Now, when you open the Organization Profile associated with a User from the CRM Profile, you can effortlessly switch back to the User's profile by clicking the convenient new Back to User button.

Back to User.png
We’re pleased to roll out this change to give you more flexibility over the Deskpro interface to make the helpdesk useful for each individual agent.

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