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How do I add a custom favicon to the Help Center?

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The favicon is the small icon displayed at the top of browser tabs and next to bookmarks.

By default, your Help Center favicon will be the Deskpro icon.

You can use your own favicon on the Help Center instead.

Note that the ICO image format commonly used for favicons is not supported. Instead, prepare a square image in PNG or GIF format that is 16x16 or 32x32 pixels.

Go to Admin > Configuration > Branding and select the brand you want to update the favicon for.

Select Choose a file or simply drag and drop your desired image to upload the new favicon for the brand.

Click save at the bottom of the editor. Your browser may take a while to update to the new favicon, but you should be able to see it straight away in the brand configuration editor to confirm that the change worked.

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