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Gmail/Google Apps "modern security standards" email error

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I tried to connect Deskpro to a Gmail account, and I got a "Sign-in attempt prevented" email saying someone tried to sign in to my Google Account "from an app that doesn't meet modern security standards".

What is causing this, and what can I do?



Google is trying to move its email authentication system to use OAuth, a less common protocol that cannot be used by all Gmail users. If you use an @gmail email address, please follow the below steps. If you use G-suite, please follow this guide: Creating an OAuth2 application in Office365.


There are currently two possible solutions:


1. You can enable access using the standard protocols by going to (while logged into the affected Gmail/Google Apps account) and selecting "Less Secure Apps".


2. You can enable 2-Step Verification for the affected Google account and create an App Password for Deskpro.

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