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Group and access Queues with more flexibility - Nieuws / Product / Product (Agent) - Deskpro Support

jul 11 2023

Group and access Queues with more flexibility

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We are thrilled to announce an exciting enhancement to our ticket organization feature that will significantly improve your workflow.

You now have the ability to group Ticket Queues using the new visual Grouping Filters. This feature provides a visual grouping of Ticket Queues, enhancing organization and providing a comprehensive view of ticket distribution across different groups.

To utilize this feature, simply apply a Group to a Queue and select the filter icon next to the Group option. This will display the grouping in Bubbles at the top of the Table View.:


The grouping possibilities with this new feature are extensive with the ability to view groups by Ticket Properties, Ticket Dates and Times, and Ticket Custom Fields. For full list options, view the Agent Guide.

Bubble Faceting.png

Within the Ticket Queue, you will find a list of tickets grouped according to your selection. By choosing a specific item in the group, such as an agent's name, you can load a view that only displays their associated tickets. Deselecting the agent will restore the full grouped queue.

We believe that this improved ticket organization feature will revolutionize the way you manage your tickets, providing you with greater flexibility, efficiency, and control. Try it out and experience the power of enhanced ticket filtering and grouping.

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