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DeskPRO 5.7.0, 5.7.1 - Nieuws / Release Announcements - Deskpro Support

jul 5 2017

DeskPRO 5.7.0, 5.7.1

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We are delighted to announce the release of a new version of DeskPRO which has a number of Bug Fixes, Improvements and API fixes following the last Release. 



  • [Agent] New permissions for tasks and macros. Read more.
  • [Agent] (Beta) Improved snippets. Read more.
  • [Agent] (Beat) Improved forwarding. Read more.


  • [Agent] Client-side browser performance improvements
  • [Agent] Faster real-time updates in the agent interface for certain actions
  • [Importer] Importer now handles the "archived" status
  • [Widget] Improved back-end performance of website widget


  • [Agent] Person and org notes were limited to 255 bytes
  • [General] Email logs being corrupt when being re-processed
  • [General] Some email logs having invalid gzip encoding
  • [Agent] Agent interface didn't order feedback items by date properly
  • [Agent] CSV export of tickets from search results had invalid headers
  • [General] Custom date fields couldn't set dates before 1970 (new minimum is 1901; further fixes are coming).
  • [Portal] Pasting images into replies in IE11/Edge
  • [Admin] Department layout editor would let you add add disabled fields
  • [General] "Updated date" on content wasn't set properly on content (aside from Downloads which was fine)
  • [Portal] The download button on the Downloads list went to the wrong place
  • [General] Searching for users by name became inaccurate for helpdesks using ElasticSearch
  • [Admin] Changing default email account from settings didn't save
  • [Admin] Setting a helpdesk URL with 'www.' prefix would always have the 'www' stripped
  • [Admin] Pusher settings would not validate properly if not using default cluster
  • [Agent] Interface might lag (or crash, in extreme cases) if many events/notifications happend at the same time
  • [Agent] Automatic time charge wasn't saving
  • [Agent] New ticket "reply as" menu wasn't working
  • [Agent] Editing an org couldn't be saved
  • [Portal] Chat transcripts are no longer sent if the chat wasn't answered by an agent
  • [5.7.1][Agent] Another performance improvement to agent interface to do with relative times
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