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Deskpro 2021.1.2 Release - Nieuws / Release Announcements - Deskpro Support

mrt 16 2021

Deskpro 2021.1.2 Release

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We are pleased to announce the release of Deskpro version 2021.1.2. This includes a mixture of general improvements and bug fixes.


  • DPHC-180 - Add Glossary functionality to Guides
  • DPHC-306 - Added 4 new languages to Deskpro: Gaelic, Icelandic, Macedonian, Serbian
  • DPHC-301 - Added tooltip to Attachments Section on Tickets so hovering over reveals full file name
  • DPHC-208 - Added tooltip when hovering over titles in Guides
  • DPHC-328 - Add translatable phrase for "Subject" on ticket form

Bug Fixes:

  • DPHC-250 - Custom Helpcenter themes were not saving correctly
  • DPHC-295 - Switching between pages on guide leads to a blank page
  • DPHC-296 - Fixed console errors related to templates being thrown in the portal 
  • DPHC-293 - Correct rendering of ampersand in the portal
  • DPHC-278 - Agent override name was not being respected when downloading a ticket from the Helpcenter
  • DPHC-261 - Remove email addresses from various URL query strings
  • DPHC-251 - "Date & Time" field description is displaying in same line under field on "Contact us" form (Portal side)
  • DPHC-290 - Agents could not add to per user / per organisation custom fields
  • DPHC-299 - Deleted tickets could be undeleted by user email replies
  • DPHC-297 - Satisfaction feedback option appeared in tickets even if satisfaction was disabled
  • DPHC-308 - Initiate searches in helpcenter when the user presses enter
  • DPHC-298 - Agent override name was not appearing on Ticket Feedback
  • DPHC-273 - Multiple "Resolved this ticket" messages were displaying when user clicked "Resolve my ticket" button multiple times on User Side
  • DPHC-304 - Agent override name not used for avatar and "Authored by" in helpcenter content
  • DPHC-307 - User field logic not respected when user submits a ticket through the helpcenter
  • DPHC-52 - Subscribe button did not snap properly to the browser when scrolling
  • DPHC-270 - File attachment box was disappearing of users breached attachment rate limit, this is now disabled properly
  • DPHC-215 - Choose File field disappearing instead of rejecting files when file extensions do not abide by limitations
  • DPHC-302 - Text in additional usersource login buttons was not centered correctly
  • DPHC-303 - Ticket properties tab ion helpcenter displays date field incorrectly
  • DPHC-323 - Problems with language selection in helpcenter portal
  • DPHC-224 - Corrected the orientation of carets in the News Category drop down selection
  • DPHC-322 - Downloads incorrectly appearing in parent categories instead of sub categories
  • DPHC-309 - Multiple news notifications were getting triggered when published date is in the future
  • DPHC-330 - Legacy template editor was being used in certain themes
  • DPHC-333 - Theme not auto-selected when going to User Interface > Helpcenter
  • DPHC-324 - Unable to view second page of search results in Helpcenter due to limited pagination
  • DPMSGR-91 - Chat departments were available when no agents with permissions to that department are online
  • DPMSGR-107 - Reload config to check for JWT without refreshing the page in messenger
  • DPLEG-429 - Remove the delay when custom user fields display with field dependencies
  • DPLEG-113 - Ticket Feedback Variable not Rendering in Email
  • DPLEG-423 - Error when submitting ticket with "create task" trigger as a guest
  • DPLEG-414 - An admin user could bypass forced password reset by accessing /admin/admin-interface URL
  • DPLEG-379 - /login/setpassword?email=' page does not trigger password reset email
  • DPLEG-443 - Deskpro emails were flagged as spam by certain filters when the emails code contains tiny sized font/white font
  • DPLEG-141 - Server error when adding Cc to ticket via API
  • DPLEG-354 - Attachments not sent out when forwarding message as new linked ticket
  • DPLEG-534 - Allow unsafe SSL requests mPDF to improve PDF image rendering
  • DPLEG-292 - Customer could rate own ticket when there is no agent response
  • DPLEG-240 - 'Insert link' button in knowledgebase doesn't work for secondary brands
  • DPLEG-234 - The original senders email address was not included when Forwarding messages out of tickets
  • DPLEG-466 - Cron timing out after: "cleanup_hourly”
  • DPLEG-112 - Clicking on '+Add' for 'Per organization custom field' for highlights '+Add' button for 'Custom fields' as well
  • DPLEG-430 - Agents were receiving an empty IM email when @mention is used
  • DPLEG-462 - Fixed “RoutingWithDynamicContext” error when logging in via SAML
  • CH-19365 - Gmail API: Oauth token does not refresh properly, expires after 1 hour
  • CH-19335 - User Language not Selectable in Triggers
  • CH-19330 - Custom date fields were not consistent across time zones
  • CH-19773 - Problem with language selection in helpcenter portal
  • CH-19596 - [Error Report] Exception: 0 Calling "email_addres" method
  • CH-14946 - Fixed HTML injection on ticket submission thank you page
  • CH-22723 - Theme not auto-selected when going to User Interface > Helpcenter


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