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apr 15 2019

Deskpro 2019.4 Release

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We are happy to announce the release of Deskpro version 2019.4.  Included in this release is a time limit on the 'Re-Open Ticket' Permission, as well as many other improvements and bug fixes. 

  • Re-open time limit - You can now specify how much time a user has to re-open a ticket that has been resolved.

Other Improvements

  • DP-3304 Admin status clashes with limited Permissions
  • DP-178  Turkish character searching improved
  • DP-3264 Allow to log snippet usage on ticket message API
  • DP-3064 Add ticket log entry for TicketCharge deletion through the API V2
  • DP-3242 Slow ticket form render with many options
  • DP-3239 Optimisation of realtime UI behaviour when sending replies/notes into tickets.

Bug Fixes

  • DP-3194 Check API key criteria
  • DP-2121 Emojis' section are displayed below Chat make it difficult to select any Emojis
  • DP-2825 The email address field title on the contact form should not overlap the 'Manage your email addresses' link
  • DP-3300 /api/v2/organizaitons form fixes
  • DP-3199 Cannot enable API logging
  • DP-2346 No value in admin User Interface select box
  • DP-2560 Typing new message in IM should scroll down to it.
  • DP-3281 Pending Status Not Updated
  • DP-3282 API | Unable to handle api request when trying to fetch large number of records
  • DP-3266 Custom CSS changes made to Brand A also appear in the portal editor for Brand B
  • DP-2923 It shouldn't be possible to use an agent email as a gateway account
  • DP-2622 IM overflow bug
  • DP-3265 _dp_csrf_token need to be secured
  • DP-3196 Feedback properties shows "votel" next to the "Votes" count
  • DP-3142 Missing sub-status in various places
  • DP-3259 Call to a member function getDisplayNameUser() on null
  • DP-3262 Render context values in snippet render endpoint
  • DP-3260 JSON Service app doesn't use authentication field
  • DP-3042 KB article improvements
  • DP-3195 Clicking on "Copy Permalink" for a Feedback doesn't actually provide a permalink
  • DP-3150 'Create Ticket' button in an ended chat is obstructed from view
  • DP-2885 Text editor on portal side is obfuscating/truncating HTML/XML
  • DP-3258 Call to a member function setPassword() on boolean
  • DP-3234 Blank emails from UPS
  • DP-3197 When merging tickets, the remaining ticket isn't opened
  • DP- 3095 EWS_exception [35] - Curl SSL error - causes failed emails to not attempt any retries.
  • DP-3318 Ticket crashes or blocks browser in some rare cases
  • DP-3324 Cannot search on a Download filename
  • DP-3275 User is able to create "Ticket" without adding any message on message field
  • DP-3316 When adding a  ticket note, the ticket status changes to awaiting user and then changes back to awaiting agent
  • DP-3297 User is able to create content (Article, News) without adding a message
  • DP-3293 Images with (.bmp, .log, . tiff) extension are not displaying after upload in the "Agent IM" section
  • DP-3334 A new agent cannot join and existing live chat using the "Join Chat" button
  • DP-3233 Further and continued improvements to inline images and email attachment behaviour
  • DP-3366 Stat using "Pending" status shows tickets as resolved but they are not resolved

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