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Ġun 12 2023

Seamlessly move between Deskpro instances with Workspaces

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We're thrilled to announce a powerful new feature to enhance your Deskpro experience: Linked Workspaces. Now, you can seamlessly navigate between multiple Deskpro instances with ease.

If you're a member of more than one Deskpro instance, you can now log in to multiple instances simultaneously and effortlessly switch between them using the new Workspaces menu. No more logging in and out repeatedly. With Linked Workspaces, everything is conveniently accessible from a single location.

Workspaces in context NP.png

This new feature will streamline your workflow by enabling you to seamlessly move between different Deskpro instances, saving time and effort by accessing all workspaces from a unified interface. Enhancing your ability to collaborate across different teams or departments that are divided into separate instances by effortlessly switching; ensuring smooth communication and coordination.

Plus each workspace retains its unique settings, preferences, and data, allowing you to tailor your workflow to specific instances without any hassle.

To get started linking your Deskpro Workspaces, access the Workspaces menu from the top left-hand corner of your helpdesk interface.

Add Workspace.png

From here you can select the Add Workspaces option, and log in to another of your Deskpro instances, or create a free trial of Deskpro that will be accessible from your current instance.

Once you’re logged into more than one instance, if they are under the same email address you will be able to re-order them in the list. Plus if you have instances that you access with different emails these will be segmented in the menu.


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