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Mej 21 2018

Multibrand Update

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As part of product release Deskpro 2018.1, we've made a number of significant changes and improvements to the way multibrand works in Deskpro.

We've made  it easier to connect users and user records to specific brands. Essentially, brands now act in a way that feels more like they are separate. From a user perspective, it is now not so apparent that Deskpro is powering multiple brand portals or helpdesks.

Here are some of the most important changes:

Users only get emails from a brand they're associated with 

For example, if you send a reset-password email to a user from Agent interface, the user now gets emailed from an address that belongs to the brand they're associated with, and get a reset link to that specific brand portal.

User authentication behaves differently across brands

For example, if you want to enable registration on BrandA but disable it on BrandB, you can now do that. If a user exists in the Deskpro database, they cannot log in to BrandB unless they are specifically associated with the BrandB. This means that you can further limit the user's interaction and exposure to BrandB.

It is now possible to enable and disable authentication sources on a per-brand basis 

For example, you can have "Login with LDAP" enabled on BrandA but not BrandB. Multiple default User Source apps now operate across brands on a per-brand basis.

Emails sent to the helpdesk result in user records being created

Email addresses now have brands associated with them, so new user records can set the proper brand on any new accounts.

Here is a list of all changes included in this update:

DP-1527: Create, edit and rename multiple usersource authentication options for different brands

DP-1526: Create usersource authentication options with no associated brands

DP-1554: Users can submit tickets to a brand with registration and 'everyone' usergroups disabled, as long as they are associated with that brand

DP-1534: Users cannot submit tickets to particular brands they are not associated with

DP-1533: Disabling registration for particular brand only hides 'Register' button on portal of that brand

DP-1532: Submitting new tickets no longer create 'New User' when 'Registration' is disabled

DP-1531: Email received for new added replies are generated from correct address determined under 'Email accounts' settings

DP-1530: Users created through portal of particular brand are not able to log in to portals of other brands

DP-1433: API v1 now allows functions for creating/editing user and adding them to a brand

DP-1383 API v2 now allows functions for creating/editing user and adding them to a brand

DP-1395: Emails to users are displayed as being from the brand they're associated with

DP-1394: Email accounts now take specific brand context into consideration for authentication purposes

DP-1393: New 'emailaccount-to-brands' association created for linking email accounts to brands

DP-1391: Enable specific usersource authentication options on brand portals

DP-1390: One-to-many usersource authentication options to brand association model created

DP-1389: Usersource authentication log in now separate from registration option

DP-1388: Brands are saved and associated with users if they log in to that brand portal

DP-1387: Trigger action added to add brand to user

DP-1384: Creating new user from portal via registration or new ticket saves the brand ID from site in user records

DP-1382: Select boxes available for determining associated brands when agents are creating or adding users

DP-1381: One-to-many association for user-to-brands so users can be added to multiple brands

Thanks for reading

If you are using Deskpro Cloud, we will roll out this update to your helpdesk soon.

If you are using Deskpro On-Premise, you can update your helpdesk to the latest version from your Admin Interface.

For more information on product updates associated with this one, take a look at other updates and changes included in the release of Deskpro 2018.1.

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