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Mar 5 2014

Improved Ticket List

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In DeskPRO #317, a lot of work has gone in to making the ticket list faster and smoother.


Faster real-time updating

The list now responds to changes faster and more accurately. Tickets are added and removed from filter results in near real-time. No more distracting loading screens.

Correct sort order

As new tickets are added or updated in real-time, their position within the list is kept accurate. For example, if you are sorting by urgency and the ticket urgency changes, the position of the ticket in the list will change as well.

Pausing real-time updates

It is now possible to completely pause real-time updates by clicking the  icon near the top right of the list. If a change happens while the list is paused, DeskPRO will show you a notice:

Real-time updates with mass actions

While working with mass actions, DeskPRO enters a “limited” real-time update mode. Ticket properties are kept up- to-date in the list and tickets are automatically removed, but no new tickets are added.

This means the list you are working on stays the same so long as you have mass actions open. It makes it easier to work with mass actions on busy helpdesks where other agents may be interacting with tickets at the same time as you are trying to perform mass actions.

Ticket Previews

Hover your mouse over a ticket subject link and a preview tooltip appears:

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Comments (2)

Tommy Jackson
Good to see pictures and additional information regarding the update. Sometimes the release notes are less informative.
Keith DeWald
Very nice improvements. Now if only there were a first-page last-page capability. << < 3 > >> would be nice. << < 1 2 3 4 .... 17 > >> would be even nicer.

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