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Is it possible to show agent pictures just for internal agents and not for users?

If a user is registered, he is able to see the pictures of our agents and we just want to show the agent-pictures to our employees, who are working in our helpdesk, similar to how it works for chat, we would like this to apply to tickets.

Official response

Lara Proud

Hi Sophia, yes it's possible to only show Agent Profile Pictures internally, any agents who have profile pictures should just enable an Alias on their profile. To do this they need to open their profile in the bottom left corner of the interface, click on preferences, and toggle the option to Display an alias to end users. If you leave the default Alias Avatar it will simply show their initials rather than the avatar image. And Christian, to remove the option of Users having an avatar you could just remove that section on the Help Center Template to stop them from being able to upload a profile picture. Go to Admin > Help Center > Help Center Design, then scroll to the bottom and click Open Template Editor. You want to then go to Portal > User/profile.html and remove lines 60 - 65: {% if profile_form.delete_picture is defined %} {{ person }} {{ form_row(profile_form.delete_picture, { checkbox_label: phrase('helpcenter.account.profile_delete_picture'), label: false }) }} {% else %} {{ form_row(profile_form.upload_picture) }} {% endif %} Click Save and this will remove the option for Users to upload profile images on the Help Center.

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Would is also be possible from restricting the users from having an Avatar?