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Ability to choose sub-statuses when sending a reply - Community / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Ability to choose sub-statuses when sending a reply Finished

I'd like to be able to select a specific sub-status when sending a reply. Currently you can only select a core, parent status.


Official response

Lara Proud

You can now apply a specific sub-status on a ticket while replying to a ticket. The Send as "Status" button supports this by letting you pick from the core status sub-statuses by hovering over them and displaying a list of the sub-statuses for your core statuses.

Comments (4)

Azeem Javed
Is there a way to set the sub status on replies? At the moment it only gives you the root statuses to select from which resets the status.
Mark Harrison
After entering a Reply in a Ticket, I click on the Send Reply drop-down button. I would love to see the same list of status and sub-status choices that I see when I click on the "Change Status" drop-down button.
Matthew Wray
This is something we plan to implement soon. In the meantime you could perhaps create a Macro to add the sub-status as a workaround.
We have made use of the Sub-Statuses however you can only select them at the top of the ticket. Is there a way, that we can also select them on below when answering a customer.