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јан. 31 2017

DeskPRO Build #5.4.0 Released

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We are pleased to announce the availability of DeskPRO 5.4.0.

New Features

  • Zapier integration - more information here
  • Reject mail based on DKIM/SPF headers- more information here



  • You can now reject emails that fail DKIM/SPF checks
  • Zapier (beta) is now available


  • Admin home will now detect invalid reveser-proxy configurations
  • Merging accounts when at least one account is an agent has been improved to avoid loss of information such as permissions
  • The system will automatically clean up old builds to save disk space
  • "Current Agent" trigger criteria has new options for: The ticket assigned agent or team, or the ticket followers.


  • Fixed a regression where some reports using unqualified names in WHERE clauses (e.g. WHERE ticket.department = X instead of
  • Fixed a case of a logged error "You have requested a non-existent service..." when serving a branded asset
  • Fixed incorrect behaviour on ticket layouts when dependant fields used with 'only show when there is a value' option
  • Fixed a case of a logged error "setSession() must implement interface ..." when using http cache and user had no session
  • Fixed timezone correction popup appearing over on-boarding
  • Fixed loading external Twilio assets
  • Fixed mysql-schema.sql file in server report archive
  • Fixed Google Tag Manager conflicting with portal new ticket form
  • Fixed image attachment viewer in agent interface
  • Fixed a case of a logged error "explode() expects parameter 2..." in some ticket layout configurations
  • Fixed "New Problem" in new ticket and edit ticket
  • Fixed showing "Force HTTPS" option in admin setup when URL is not https
  • Fixed expired demos not being able to access license page to manage license
  • Fixed reports on KB views
  • Fixed various issues with massactions including "slow" checkboxes, resuming of real-time updates after closing massactions, and missing loading indicators


Update: Feburary 1st

We've issued a minor update this morning (5.4.1) to address two issues affecting some helpdesks:

  • In some cases, POP3 connections failed to work due to a certificate validation bug. (Quick-fix: Enable "no validation" from Admin > Tickets > Email Accounts > Each account).
  • In some cases, the admin dashboard would complain about improper server setup due to mismatching URI if you are using an HTTPS URL. This warning can simply be ignored.
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