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Deskpro 5.14.0, 5.14.1, 5.14.2 Released - News / Release Announcements - Deskpro Support

дек. 18 2017

Deskpro 5.14.0, 5.14.1, 5.14.2 Released

Authors list

We're pleased to announce the availability of 5.14.0.


  • DP-232 — Add ability to sign chat widget with JWT token (see docs here).
  • DP-247 — New apps: Custom HTML, Custom JS, Custom JSON Service, Github, Mailchimp

Improvements and Changes

  • DP-127 — Improve ticket log entry when follow up is executed
  • DP-166 — Quick user selector: When query input is an exact email address, only search email
  • DP-209 — Show notice to agents viewing non-public content in portal
  • DP-219 — SLA counters in sidebar update too infrequently
  • DP-223 — Add event to widget loader so page knows when widget is ready
  • DP-224 — Reduce volume of client messages sent for common actions


  • DP-126 — Log entry when agent creates a followup
  • DP-167 — E_WARNING Language.php substr() expects parameter 1 to be string
  • DP-168 — Error: preg_match() expects parameter 2 to be string, array given
  • DP-184 — Error in some reports: non-numeric value encountered
  • DP-206 — Invalid API doc on organization APIs
  • DP-211 — Brand ID not included in API tickets response
  • DP-212 — Get rid of user.portal_tabs_order
  • DP-213 — Picture in top-right does not use gravatar
  • DP-214 — Some department selection boxes in admin are limited to 10
  • DP-215 — Some agent notifications are inactive
  • DP-216 — Invalid default value for date field
  • DP-218 — Default value for port isn't set on new email accounts if left blank
  • DP-220 — Usergroup search terms for 'Everyone' and 'Registered' don't work as expected
  • DP-222 — Error on new topic with no guide
  • DP-225 — E_NOTICE SearchController.php Undefined index
  • DP-226 — Keyboard events in ticket message box interrupt typing non-English characters (e.g. diacritics)
  • DP-228 — Ticket mode in chat widget when portal is disabled causes a timeout
  • DP-229 — Exception: 0 Unauthorized guide
  • DP-230 — Date/time field incorrect on portal when timezone not UTC
  • DP-231 — Add status filter to /user_chats API
  • DP-233 — Internal server error while creating new linked ticket when blobs are missing from the filesystem
  • DP-234 — Agent interface freezes when attempting to split ticket when using Cloudflare injected scripts
  • DP-235 — Promoting a user to an agent sometimes doesn't go through billing logic
  • DP-236 — Server error when exporting reports to CSV
  • DP-237 — Follow-ups don't trigger appropriate triggers (e.g. sending email notifications for replies)
  • DP-238 — Trying to view a draft results in server error
  • DP-239 — API doc is outdated since adding online_for_chat
  • DP-240 — Reports dashboard bug dropdowns not responding
  • DP-241 — Adding multiple tasks via macro only adds single task
  • DP-250 — Trello app 'frame' is different from all others
  • DP-251 — Trello App: New card created end-point not detected
  • DP-252 — Trello is broken
  • DP-254 — Apps pane does not scroll
  • DP-255 — Apps need to be flex width
  • DP-256 — Mailchimp: Unable to proceed past account authentication
  • DP-626 — Error during setting permissions for Guide
  • DP-630 — Guides not showing on the portal
  • DP-660 — Triggers get disabled when disabling Chat RR
  • DP-667 — Scrollbar continues to grow indefinitely
  • DP-668 — Trello style looks messed up
  • DP-669 — Change title of "Custom Javascript"
  • DP-682 — Problems querying ticket_object_use_logs

Specific build hotpatches:

  • ( DP-690 — JWT user source failures
  • ( DP-701 — Real-time updated based on polling could be delayed by up to five seconds for own actions


  • This build was released to address a regression (DP-710) whereby some instances of Deskpro would not deliver user chat messages properly.


  • DP-659 — Add nofollow to portal subscription links
  • DP-702 — API allows viewing ticket filter lists in departments without permissions
  • DP-721 — Reset password not sending link


This release is available to on-premise customers immediately. The update will begin rolling out to cloud customers soon (please note that due to the time of year, it may not be fully available for a couple of weeks).

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