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Upgrading to Deskpro Horizon: A Guide for Agents - Knowledgebase / Horizon Migration - Deskpro Support

Upgrading to Deskpro Horizon: A Guide for Agents

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Your Helpdesk is Changing

The team at Deskpro has been working hard on a new and improved design and experience for the Agent Interface of your Deskpro helpdesk. If you are reading this article, it means you are shortly going to be upgraded to this new version - codenamed Deskpro Horizon.

Although the design has changed, we have worked hard to ensure the features and functionality you are familiar with, remain. It may take a few moments to get familiar with some changes to where things are (and to let you adjust your muscle memory) - this article is designed to walk you through the changes so you know what is coming.

Things to Know

  1. Your admin will be able to tell you the scheduled date and time for your upgrade. We anticipate less than 30 minutes during which you will not be able to access the platform.

  2. The URL you log in at has changed to https://<accountname> but don’t worry, the old URL ending with /agent will still re-direct.

  3. Deskpro Horizon has new mobile apps. The old app will not work anymore. If you are using the Deskpro mobile apps, please download the replacements.

    App Store | Google Play



Interface Preview

The following 2 screenshots give you a good overview of the new interface, and where things have moved to.

Here is an overview of changes to the ticketing interface.



And here is an overview of changes within a ticket.


Video Tour & Webinar

We’ve recorded a brief video tour of the new interface which will guide you through some of the key changes. We are also running webinars to talk through the new Agent Interface and answer any questions you may have. Agents can book a webinar at the link below:

Deskpro Webinar Booking


List of some Key Changes

The following are some layout/name changes you should be aware of. Most of these are referenced in the video or screenshots above.

  • The user profile loads automatically when opening a ticket (on the right), you don’t need to click to open the profile anymore.

  • Chat is now embedded inside a ticket! This makes it much easier to reply to the user by email.

  • There is a new live status for tickets that are either an active chat or an active voice call.

  • Management of the layout of the UI is now much easier. You can collapse/expand the 1st column and then either view tickets in “dual column” mode or “list” mode.

  • On a ticket, there is an important menu in the top right-hand corner of the ticket. This is how you do things like Delete or Merge a ticket or Add a Task or Bill.

  • How you access lists of tickets has changed. Filters have been replaced by Queues; but we have also introduced a new concept called Lists and Search. Queues are managed by admins, have counts, and are typically tickets that need action. Lists are broader, they can be created by admins or agents and can search against resolved tickets. If you had any custom Queues previously, they will now become lists. Email subscriptions are only possible on Queues, so you will need to ask your Admin to create a Queue if you used to subscribe to a custom Filter. We have a whole new search experience that is focused on textual search against ticket messages to help you find that specific ticket.

  • Global Search, IM, and Notifications are now all icons in the top right corner. These create a column view, which can also be locked if you have a widescreen and want them to always appear.

  • If you used to search for Snippets using the #shortcut syntax, that has now changed to /shortcut. Look out for some new functionality in this menu in the coming months! To view the list of all snippets there is an icon in the top right of the reply box.

  • Macros are now managed by Admins. They are run from the icon at the top right of the ticket.

  • Flags have been renamed Stars.

  • The user profile is in the bottom left-hand corner. Here you can log out, manage preferences, control email notifications, find a QR code for mobile login, etc. To the right are the chat and voice indicators where you set yourself online or offline for these channels.

Help when you need it.

We really hope you enjoy the new Deskpro experience. If you have any problems, our friendly support team is waiting to hear from you.

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