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Installation error during "Verifying the URL" step

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Errors during this step can be caused by a number of problems. Here are the most common errors and causes:


Step "Verifying the URL is Deskpro"

Error: The URL you entered is not loading

This error means that the URL you entered simply is not loading. This could mean you entered the wrong URL, or maybe the server itself cannot load the site (e.g. a problem with network routing).


Error: The URL you entered does not point to Deskpro

This error means that the URL loaded, but the response of the test was not what we expected. The installer tries to call on a specific test URL which is meant to output the text "pong". If the text "pong" does not exist on the response of the test, the installer knows that the URL is incorrect.


Error: The URL you entered appears to be a URL for a different Deskpro instance

This error means that the test returned successfully, but it was not signed with the response code for the installer. This means that the URL is for some other Deskpro installation and not the one you're trying to install right now. This typically happens when trying to configure a second instance (e.g. for testing for staging).


Step "Verifying URL routing"

Error: Your server is not routing requests properly

Deskpro requires clean URLs. On some servers this requires a special module to be enabled.

With Apache, mod_rewrite is enabled and you must enable .htaccess on the Deskpro directory via AlllowOverride.

With IIS, you need the URL Rewrite extension.


Step: Verifying the web server meets requirements

Error: The web server does not meet server requirements

This verifies that the version of PHP your web server is configured to use meets Deskpro's requirements. This check is necessary because it's possible (and probable) that the version of PHP you're using on the command-line to run the installer is using different configuration (php.ini file) than the one that is used on your web server.


Verifying web root is safe

Error: It seems like you have put Deskpro files within the web root

This checks to make sure that there is no direct file access to non-public Deskpro files. This might happen if you put Deskpro itself into the web root of your server, which would make private app files public under a certain URL. We check this make sure it's always impossible sensitive information (such as attachments under the attachments/ directory) are not visible to web requests.

If you get this error, you need to check your server configuration and make sure access is removed from every Deskpro directory except the www/ directory.


Verifying the web server responds to GET, POST, DELETE, PUT verbs

Error: Web server did not respond properly

Errors with HTTP verbs can be common for IIS users where DELETE and PUT are disabled by default. Refer to this article for how to fix it.

Other than IIS users, the most common reason for this failure is for more advanced setups using a proxy or firewall blocking or failing to process DELETE and PUT verbs.

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