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Speeding up the loading of agent's interface - Community / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Speeding up the loading of agent's interface Collecting Feedback

I think the Achilles heel of Deskpro is the loading screen. It takes sometimes minutes while we get the interface, especially in case of having poor internet connection. (3-5 mbit)
We travel a lot therefore the internet access circumstances are not ideal in the most of the cases but we should react within minutes.
It is very annoying when we sit at the gate at the airport and we are still waiting for the blue elephant while the boarding is already happening and we cannot be sure if the satellite access on the board will work properly.

Checking the site using browser's inspection feature, it seems that nothing happens in the background. Couldn't you skip this loading animation, how could we get into the system much more quickly.

Our server background: dedicated physical dual xeon 128GB RAM server (not virtual, no shared) connected to a dedicated 10 Gbit internet port, running on Windows 2016 operating system, hosted in Germany.

PLease advise, thanks, Zsolt

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Lieven Embrechts
we use the cloud version and it takes 10 seconds to load, so no problem here

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