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Reverse order of ticket reply section In Development

Is it possible to have the ticket reply and last received ticket at the top of the page rather than having to scroll down to a very small ticket reply box at the bottom?  It is painful having to scroll down what is often a very long ticket and then type a response in a window that is only 200px in height. This would then be inline with most modern mail clients such as Gmail.

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Tommy Jackson
Having this option would be very helpful At least, make it a global option, at most, a user profile option.
Jakob Frickelton
We have many user requests for this feature. You can already do it as an agent, just not as a user.
I think this would be a huge improvement. Especially when comparing Deskpro to other Help Desk solutions. I know why it is done, but there is an incredible amount of information on the screen at any given time. I think it should be user definable.
Chris Padfield
This has been a feature of the agent interface for a long time; is the request here for it to be in the user portal?
I think the request here is more in relation to users having the option of where things appear. The repl box is quite small. If the previous messages could be on an auto hide it may be better to give more room.
Jakob Frickelton
Samuel Waser
This would be a great addition for the user portal. We have multiple customers asking for this since some of our tickets tend to get really long.
Joël Messas
Very needed. Global setting is enough for us, but definitely a must have !
Kieron Hill
Very much so, we give legal advice that can go on for months so our users have to scroll down quite a distance to see the most recent emails
Would be great to be able to change the sorting order of ticket messages/replies and also put the reply box on top - showing the latest reply on top when yo open a ticket. This would reflect how email threads are organized. Users don't scroll to the bottom in an email to see the latest email reply, so it could be more intuitive to have the same sorting logic in the ticket view. Would also be great to have this option for the agent view, but I think end user view is most important. Please see the attached image as an illustration.

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