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HTML code "instant view" Finished

Hello everyone, I'm new with Deskpro and have only gone with it as far as the end of one free trial period, I found this to be missing, according to my flavor tastes: While working on setting up various parts of my helpdesk, I found it hard to work with HTML code in automated e-mail message templates and other areas where an admin could edit HTML code, because I could not instantly see how the existing and edited HTML codes appeared at the user end. In short, I would have welcomed a "See how this looks" button next to every HTML editable code box, so as to be assisted in making the right alterations. I believe this would help experts and laymen alike. Just a silly note I thought I could share with you, kind regards,

Official response

Lara Proud

Hi Petros, this was a great suggestion and one have implemented. In the Email Template editor, you will see a real-time preview of the Email you are updating making it easier to visualize any changes being made.