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Have Working Hours only as well as Total Hours accessible via Reporting - Community / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Have Working Hours only as well as Total Hours accessible via Reporting Finished

I am trying to create a report to measure the number of working hours a user has been waiting. However all the measures available in the reporting manual seem to list total hours rather than just working hours. On an actual ticket in the Dates & Times tab it shows both the Total User Waiting Time as work hours only as well as real time. The report I have at the moment is:DISPLAY TABLE SELECT tickets.subject,, tickets.total_user_waiting / (60 * 60) AS 'User Waiting Time (hrs)' FROM tickets WHERE tickets.date_resolved = %1:DATE_GROUP% AND tickets.status IN ('resolved', 'archived') SPLIT BY tickets.agent It would be a good improvement to be able to do take out just working hours that a user has been waiting.

Comments (9)

We can prepare report with the total time user is waiting or time for the first reply. I need to include in my report this time, but only in working hours. Thanks!
Patrick Smith
Still waiting for this functionality.
We would also like this functionality
Andreas Patzner
We also require this functionality, as customers request an average response time within business hours.
Yann Desjardins
Also waiting for this function. We get a lot of emails outside of office hours from our associates in different time zones and it's skewing the data for first reply
Bear Golightly
I would like this feature as well - we have SLAs that only tick during business hours, but the 'average time to reply' reports I can create don't produce accurate reports for management to set KPIs by.
We need this as well
Steve, Lam Hang
Hope this helps with the Canadian calculation
Amabel Watkins
This feature has now been created, please refer to this article on how to use working hours in reports: