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Calendar view, ticket scheduling Collecting Feedback

Our agents have to complete tasks, which should be done regularly, for example maintenance or vehicle inspection should be done for our clients every month. We would like to have tickets from these regular jobs, they should be created before the event needs to happen and should be closed by the agent responsible for completing it. Also we would like to check these jobs on a calendar like view, so we can see the jobs in one place.Currently we use google calendar to track these jobs and we need to manually open and close tickets in deskpro. It would be really helpful, If we could schedule tickets in deskpro and our agents could see the timetable.

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Dale Staton
This one is so obvious, it likely it already exists and I just cant find it. When viewing a ticket that has a deadline or milestone associated with it, it would be great to have an option while viewing/creating the ticket to add it to link it to a date on the calendar, so when you view the calendar, this woud show up as a task. This would also allow you to add any meetings planned in the tickets as well, to be able to assign a date a time and add them to the calendar as well.
Mark Lombaard
We now use the recurring tasks feature in Microsoft Outlook to schedule (f.e. every first monday of the month, every 2 weeks, etc.) common recurring tasks. It would be great if we can do this in DeskPro. Is it possible to expend the task-features with recurring options

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