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Ability to set an alert when an email has failed to be sent - Community / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Ability to set an alert when an email has failed to be sent Collecting Feedback

A way to set up an automatic alert/email when an email has failed to be sent (i.e. is put into the error(failed) status in the outgoing email lo

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Vince Ragozzino
We have some users that are sending tickets to our Deskpro instance using email accounts that are not registered in our system. I'm correcting these issues as they occur, but I'm forced to have to monitor the email account, looking for messages that were not converted into tickets. I see the users, when they send the message, correctly receive the below reply from our software when it occurs. New tickets are only accepted from existing helpdesk members. If you already have an account, please email us again from your registered email address. I found the template, however it only lets me change the subject line and the body, not add myself as a CC. I'd like to receive a copy of this email or a notification when this occurs.
Steve, Lam Hang
Definite must have as it would proactively advise the admins before the users find out and it's too late.
Any idea when this is coming?
Steve Berrieman
It would be useful if you could introduce logging to notify of an email account which is failing to log in and retrieve messages?

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