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Ability to duplicate triggers and match criteria - Community / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Ability to duplicate triggers and match criteria Finished

We utilize a lot of triggers, so it would be helpful if we could copy triggers so that new ones that have similar actions and criteria do not need to be recreated from scratch by viewing the original in another tab or browser window. Moreover, the ability to copy match criteria would be helpful, too. Some of our triggers have match criteria that perform a logical AND function in one match, but multiple times within the same trigger, with modifications to specific criteria.

Comments (3)

Eric VanTol
I often have a need to make copies of triggers, so I end up having to open two browser sessions in two different monitors so I can create a new trigger based upon the old one. If we can could copy triggers, that would make life a lot easier for those of us who have a large amount of triggers.
Steve Hersker
It would be great if you could not only copy triggers but macros and filters as well.
Matthew Wray
Hi Eric, Thanks for the suggestion - this is now possible within triggers. If you go into the trigger admin and click ADD, you'll see the fresh trigger and also a cog in the top right. If you click on this you'll see an option 'copy another trigger'. Click on this and you'll be able to import the criteria and actions from another trigger.