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Managing Custom Fields in Admin - Community / Feature Request - Deskpro Support


Managing Custom Fields in Admin Collecting Feedback

In Deskpro I created - custom fields Display Style Select Box (single selection) with hundres and hundreds of parent/child options. The list is unmangeable in the current UI.

Provide a way to export into a csv format in order to manage the fields and import back into Deskpro

Improve Sorting in UI - Add an option to sort ascending/decending

Improve the sorting, difficult to drag large groups of parent/child options around

Allow in UI to move options from parent/child

Improve performance - as the number of fields grow, system begins to slow down

Add reminder message to save changes before navigating to another area of admin after making changes - now if you don't click save you lose all your work

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Eric Lackore
If you know SQL, it is easier to edit those huge lists via SQL. I have 3 custom fields that have all the countries of the World in them had to add them via SQL inserts or I would have shot myself.. If you need help contact me directly and I can point in the right direction.

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