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Self Hosting Google Fonts

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By default font for the Helpcenter section are loaded from Google CDN server to improve performances.

If for some legislations reasons or because some of your users might not have access to those server you might want to host those fonts on your Deskpro server instead.

Stop the fonts from loading from Google CDN servers

If you only have one brand enabled or if you want this across all you brands :

Add the following line to config/advanced/config.settings.php file:

$SETTINGS['portal.tickets_disable_google_fonts'] = '1';

If you only want to set this setting for a single brand or you prefer to use the database:

INSERT INTO settings_brand (name, brand_id, value) VALUES ('portal.disable_google_fonts', 1, '1');

If you use the cloud version of Deskpro or you don’t have an easy access to the server (you will have to do this for each of your brands):

In the Admin section / Help Center / Help Center Design / Open template editor

The open the following template: Internal / head-include.html

Remove the following lines (10 to 13)

Download the Fonts from Google

Space Grotesk

There’s a download family button on the top right.

Upload the font file onto Deskpro

Extract the file and inside you will find a TrueType font file.

You can upload them in the template Internal / head-include.html :

Here is the code to insert to line 10 of template Internal / head-include.html .

    @font-face {
        font-family: SpaceGrotesk;
        src: url("downloadurl") format("truetype");

Hover your mouse over the uploaded file. Right Click on the Download icon and copy the link address.

Please replace the downloadurl in the code with this link.

Click Save at the bottom of the page. Then select the Help Center Design on top of the page to return to the Help Center Design.

Scroll to the Fonts section and add the font into the fonts section.

Click Save at the bottom of the page and the fonts will be translated on to your help center.


If you need to prevent Google Fonts from loading in the Messenger please add disableGoogleFont: true to your DESKPRO_MESSENGER_OPTIONS such as:

<script type="text/javascript">
      language: {
        id: "1",
        locale: "en-US"
      disableGoogleFont: true,
      helpdeskURL: "",

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